Our Story

Our Story...

Our founder, Deanna Toth, has worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. Owning a small resort on the Sunshine Coast in BC is her biggest claim to fame, next to working at her alma mater, The Hotel Vancouver on Georgia street.

While on the Sunshine Coast, it became quite apparent that guests wanted to stay with their dogs at the Resort. So Deanna, along with her two children helping out, created a welcome package for these new 'guests with pets'. 

But she soon found it was challenging to help operate a resort and maintain welcome pet packages. Having to run for items from the local pet store 

(and yes, the dollar store!)

Then came the age old question...'there has to be a better way'  And  knowing we were not alone...Pet on Vacation was born.  But Deanna took it a couple of steps further. Knowing that both hotels and their guests would want something authentic, genuine and of quality for their new guests with furry family members. So she created a professional, recyclable, biodegradable, vegan, hand packaged and charitable offering. Yes, we also donate to the SPCA with every order!

Having the passion for excellent customer service, and, what we feel, a cool product and service, we just had to give it a whirl.

We have been operating since 2011, and have over 50 valued hotel clients within Canada and the USA.  And we would love to help you!